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Sunday 20th July 2014

With many of the festivals, it's a probability that due to so many people attending the same event, that you will have quite a walk ahead from where you can park to the center of the village. Before we reached Kioni it looked like most of the island was there with cars parked half way up the hill, but alas, the attendance was quite down this year. It's a puzzle why there were so many cars with so few people, still, everyone had a great time. The weather was perfect. No chill or wind. Perfect to spend the night at the bayside and perfect for dancing. Those who did attend, made the most of the space. It's not a bad thing when there isn't a big squeeze in the dance circle. The spots directly around the band area were full, but the rest of the village was quite empty in comparison to other years.
All year long locals are waiting for a little party action, but at this time of year it all comes at once it seems. One festival after another, parties, events, exhibitions, a full season of activities. It's no wonder locals are pacing themselves.