alexandros kaimakamis is a Melbourne born Ithacan from Around the world. 2006

Ithacans from Around the World

Alexander Kaimakamis
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Alexandros Kaimakamis story is on its way. Until it arrives here is what we know already. Alexandros was born in Melbourne Australia to Australian born Anna Vlass nee Lahos Vlassopoulos clan, and to Nikos Kaimakamis of Thessalonika. He's been working as a Corporate Accountant in Melbourne, but as at August 2006 is contemplating working on a building site to simplify his life. He's sensible, reliable and trustworthy, necessary qualities for an accountant. Alexander has also traveled around as a Barman, knowing all the cocktails off by heart and being quite nifty at tossing that shaker in the air without drenching his customers. He has a passion for Ithaca and tires to visit whenever the bank account allows.