Panos Lecatsas is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

Ithacans from Around the World

Panos Lecatsas

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Panos was born in Lahos, northern Ithaca and left, for what was then Rhodesia, when he was just 13 years old. It was in Umtali Rhodesia, he met and married his wife Mary, originally from the island of Milos, and had 2 children, a son and a daughter. His professional life started as an accountant. He worked his way up to own his own Plastic Manufacturing business, which through its' monopoly at the time, became very successful. Panos and his family prospered in Rhodesia. He was given an opportunity which would not have been available to him had he stayed in the country village of Lahos, where life was more than difficult in those years on the island. Through the embargo restrictions placed on his country of choice, Panos' business suffered, and so he and his family decided to Australia in 1978. A self built success once, he had no trouble establishing himself again in his new country of residence. Panos started from the bottom up, using his accountancy skills and the devoted support and help from Mary, his wife, to re-established himself as a successul Business Consultant in Melbourne. Panos and wife Mary, still come to Ithaca occasionally, where his son Spiros has renovated his family home in Lahos, the house in which Panos was born.