Peter Deftereos is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

Ithacans from Around the World

Peter Deftereos

So many people have a story to tell about Peter Deftereos, so it may be fair to let him tell his own...Maybe just a little background while we wait. Peter has his roots in Kalyvia, a small hamlet just outside of Stavros. He ran a few bars during the time he lived on Ithaca, notably the Frikes Bar, now Bemenis, where he lead wild nights with his 'Let's have a good time' insanity, and made the time there a memorable time for everyone who snorted a shot of his killer mixes. In kioni he ran the Kioni Club, now Lyckoudi apartments. Peter was a lovable rascal who used to need a good smack now and again, but we hear nowdays, he's a respectable 2nd time married man, living in Melbourne, with nothing but good intentions on his mind.