is an Ithacan from around the world. Living in melbourne. 2007

Ithacans from Around the World

Peter Paxinos

Peter Paxinos is President of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society of Melbourne from 1995 - to present day 2007. 12 years of dedication to the cause of keeping the connection alive for Ithacans living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Peter loves his job and he loves his IPS staff and helpers. Parata, between Frikes and Stavros, is Peters Ithacan home ground. The family home still stands there roadside, wrought iron gates, rusted and paint peeling the welcome back to him each time he visits the island. Although Peters full time home is in Australia, he also spent 8 years growing up on the island, from 1951- 1959. Lean and difficult times for the community, then without electricity or running water.