Peter Raff is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

Ithacans from Around the World

Peter Raff
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Peter has only visited Ithaki 3 times in his 42 years, recently in July 2006. Thus far, he has had no major attachment towards the island. He feels Australian through and through and has made quite a name for himself in the Dance Club world. In the 80's, when Rock died and dance was re-born, Peter saw where the music scene was heading and began to make a career for himself. In Melbourne, at the Prince Of Wales Hotel, he runs Australias' answer to Ministry of Sound, 'onelove'. He also owns and runs the La La Land Club in Byron Bay. Peters' onelove Djs' also make names for themselves with their club mixes. The track 'I like the Way you Move' is one of the recent successes. What Peter doesn't know about Club and Dance isn't worth knowing. He's mates with Terry Blamey (Kylies Manager) & has worked with Kylies sister, Danni among many, many other well known artists. Peter Raff is Australias' Dance Club Guru. His father Yianni was born in Kioni, a small fishing village (whose biggest dance night is the Kioni Panighiri) but moved to Melbourne to bring his family up the Australian way. The island hasn't been too

big a magnet for Peter until just recently, when he visited Ithaca with his father and heard the many stories he'd been told most of his life, in the setting they were invented. On this visit, he delved a little deeper into his roots and found that he was actually becoming more and more attached to this small island in the Ionian. You can visit 'onelove' by clicking here