The Razos Tsalikis family keeping the connection between Melbourne Australia and Ithaca Greece 2007

Ithacans from Around the World

Toni & Jim Tsalikis

Toni Razos- Tsalikis and husband Jim have travelled to Ithaki three times enjoying the paniyiria, the beaches and the spectacular views from the family home in Agios Ioannis. Toni works as a primary school teacher and Jim is a Commercial Manager for a shipping line in Melbourne . They thoroughly enjoyed their one month stay in 2003 with their children Anna, Christopher, Stephanie and Elena. Toni's father was born in Vathy and her mother from Agios Ioannis. They look forward to returning to Ithaki in 2008 and in 2009 plan a group trip to Greece with their friends. They will be hosting the Ithacan leg of the trip showing off Ithaca 's wondrous highlights. This trip will take them to other parts of Greece and Cyprus.


Left - Anna Tsalikis is currently studying Justice and Dispute studies at RMIT Melbourne. Christopher is studying his VCE at Balwyn High School . Both Anna and Chris aim to return to Ithaki with their friends and be able to show them the spectacular sights they enjoyed in 2003. As you can see in this photo Chris and Anna thoroughly enjoyed the paniyiri in Exogi. Other highlights for them were swimming in Aspro Yialo, Kendro and Filiatro, going to Nikos restaurant in Vathy and spending time on the balcony of Agios Ioannis admiring the incredible views of the Ionian Sea.

Right - Stephanie and Elena Tsalikis are studying year 9 at Balwyn High School . They thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Ithaki where they swam and snorkelled daily. They both dream to return to Ithaki and be able to relive their adventures of 2003.

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