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Louis & Freda Razos
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Louis and Freda Razos reside in Melbourne surrounded by their children James, Toni, Jim, Peter and their grandchildre Anna, Christopher, Stephanie, Elena and Olivia. Louis was born in Vathy and left as a teenager to work in Melbourne. He left behind his six siblings and parents. Louis' mother, Antonia, lived in Vathy her whole life except for a four year visit to Melbourne. She lived to a ripe old age of 105 years. (Must be the clean air of Ithaca). Freda Moraitis - Razos was born in Agios Ioannis and attended primary school in Lefki. She migrated to Melbourne as a teenager with her siblings Athanasios and Fotoula. Louis and Freda have returned to Ithaca numerous times to enjoy family holidays. Louis and Freda are retired but maintain very busy lives, visiting friends, Freda making her famous Finikia and Louis attending the Ithacan clubrooms every Wednesday for his card games, gardening and assisting his family, especially the grandkids.