Despina Pippou living in Athens Greece, is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

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Despina Pippou

Hello everybody. I am Despina Pippou, 30 years old, born and living in Athens and I am in search of any relatives around Greece and the world or perhaps some information about my ancestors…This is all what I know : My father is Emmanouil Pippos, born in Athens in 1930, worked for Ministry of Education & Religion, now retired. His father (my grandfather) was Vangelis Pippos, grew up in Ithaca, he left island and was working in Athens as an employee in the University of Athens, died from pneumonia in 1930. He – Vangelis Pippos, my grandfather- had another 4 brothers and perhaps (no elements) a sister. His brother Timotheos was killed by Nazis in Omonia square-Athens during 2 nd World War. Petros, his other brother lived in Athens, had also a daughter named Magdalini, they both have died. His other brother Vasilis, emigrated in America –don't know where. The other brother Pavlos lived and worked in Athens in a big bank. Pavlos had 2 sons, Antonis worked also in a bank as a director or something and the other son died young from an illness. My father is now very old, not very healthy, living his last years… He had also another 2 brothers who also have died. I would very much appreciate if someone could give me some info about my roots …Thank you in advance! Email Despina