Vagelio Pagoulatou is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

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Vagelio Pagoulatou

Vagelios' story is on its way...

For now, we know that Vagelio was raised in Melbourne Australia to Ithacan parents. As A teenager she visited Greece, fell in love and married Andreas from Patras, who returned to Melbourne with Vagelio to start a new life. They have 3 adult children, Tina, Poppy and Christo. Tina and Christo live in Patras and Poppy lives in Stavros and runs Rementzo Restaurant. Vagelio was a concert violinist in her youth, but gave up her musical career to raise her family. She lived in South Melbourne for many years and then after some encouragement from her husband, decided to make the move to Patras, where they now live full time. Vagelios roots stem from Parata in northern Ithaca, where her family still has a patriarchal home. As at April 2006, Vagelio has two grand daughters.