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Ithacans from Around the World

Zaharenia Nikolopoulou

Zaharenia (Stamelatou) Nikolopoulou, has spent time in South Africa, where her brother Spiros still lives, but relocated to live in Greece. Zaharenia began tracing her family tree, but until recently, the Ithacan connection was a mystery to her. Her journey started by trying to find Emmanuel Makarios, knowing that his great grandparents, also Zaharenias grandparents, were Spiros and Zaharenia Stamelatos. Zaharenias father was Efstathios Stamelatos who had four sisters - Kassiani (her husband Stathi Raftopoulos passed away recently) has three daughters and 1 son,   Rena, Angela, Lea, and Spiro (who got married to Paola two years ago in Ithaca), Erasmia has passed away, Marigo lives in South Africa with her daughter Stamatoula, and Antonia who lives in New Zealand. Her grandmothers maiden name was Raftopoulos. As time goes by Zaharenia continues to unravel her Ithacan roots and is continued to be suprised by the results.