The Couvaras - Wolf family are Ithacans from around the world. 2006

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Couvaras-Wolf Family
Dr Nina Couvaras

Nina Couvaras and her two daughters, Natasha 16 and Tanya 15 have a long and deep love for their heritage island of Ithaki. Nina was born in South Africa to father Savvas and mother Marietje. She studied medicine and is a practicing GP in London with professional tentacles towards natural and holistic medicine. For the most part Nina has been a single mother bringing up two talented and intelligent daughters, who with great respect, consider their mother, their best friend. This family is bursting at the seams with positivity and passion for life. A credit to Nina, who, despite a demanding and stressful career, brought her daughters up in an environment of fun and creativity, whether it had to do with daily chores, schooling or relaxation. Nina visited Ithaki for the first time when she was 18 years old and has been a regular visitor to Ithaca ever since. Although she has some roots in Vathy through the Raftopoulos side of the family on her Grand mothers' side, her feet are firmly planted in Exoghi, where her father, Savvas has a holiday home, and where her two

daughters have already dreamed and planned out their futures.
Natasha Wolf (Left)
Natasha wants to follow in her mothers' footsteps in medicine, with a clear interest to specialize in microbiology and genetics. In 2006 she won a Scholarship for 6th form College. Natasha has also studied the Classics and Latin and is passionately interested in life and the treasures hidden inside every moment. Not only academically minded, Natasha is creative too, in writing and photography. She has impressed her teachers with insights beyond her age. On Wednesday 19th of July 2006, Natasha took her first driving lesson in Platrithia, after which she needed a milk-shake to calm her nerves.
Tanya Wolf (Above Right)

Tanyas interests lie in Writing, music and the Theatre, but like her sister Natasha, has academic talents also, having studied the Classics. In 2006 she was chosen to play Tallulah in Bugsy Malone for her School Performance. Her passion for everything she does, is tireless. Her mother Nina, is constantly surprised at the endless energy she has. Tanya doesn't want to lose a minute of the day. She, like her sister Natasha, is an Intelligent and insightful girl with a lust and excitement for life. Tanya admits she is the more extrovert out of the two daughters, but apart from a few trivial spats, she and her sister share common interests and likes, and have few reasons to argue.

In Israel, when spending time with their father, they swim with the dolphins in the red sea, but when on Ithaki and in Exoghi, Tanya and Natasha wake early to do Sun Solutes and Yoga while their mother Nina meditates. This family seems to have a deep connection with nature, their bodies and their minds, working in harmony as they make their way through life. The Couvaras - Wolf family are an inspiration to be around. Their positivity towards their every day existence is enlightening and heartwarming. It's an energy that embraces Ithaca and in turn enriches the island and the community, which they have a strengthening relationship with, whether in Hampstead London, where they live, or in the small mountain village of Exoghi, where they spend their holidays. The Couvaras - Wolf family are Ithacans from Around the World.