Illias Andrianatos is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

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Illias Andrianatos

Illias story is on its way...

It was Illias idea for Ithacans living around the world to be part of, but he's slow in getting his story in, so for now, here's what I know already.

Illias was born in Stavros, but lives in London. He's son of Maki Andrianatos, Ithakis Accordian Player and resident singer, so it's no surprise that Illias has a passion for music. He doesn't make it himself, but does his best to make it sound great. Illias moved to the UK in the mid 90's and now is sound engineer to some of Britains most popular bands. A far cry from Dj around the Vathy clubs. Illias tours the world with his acts and when on Ithaca, his friends get him to mix whenever there's a gig. Illias is first cousin to Nektarios (from Rementzo Restaurant) on his mothers' side. His parents Maki and Kiki run Romanza Bar in Stavros.