Alexis Argyris living in Hawaii 2008

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Alexis Argyris
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Alexi Argyris was born in Athens, 1981. But his family from his mothers side are from ithaki, the Drakoulis Family. Since moving abroad to Belgium in 1982 Alexi has ensured that he visits ithaki every summer, and several winters in ithaki too, staying at their family home on the sea front at the Mylos. From Belgium he moved to get his education in England, where he graduated with honors in Hospitality. This has now lead him to Hawaii where he works for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

Whilst on Ithaki, Alexi divides his time at the Net Cafe in Vathy, Filatro beach, but mostly you will find him in Lalas Bar in the evening with Kyriakos and Christos.