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Spiros Lecatsas
Wife, Anastasia, and daughters, Tyler and Sophia


The Spiro Lecatsas story is on its way.

What we can tell you is that Spiros was born in South Africa in 1963 before moving to Australia in 1978. He has lived in the Philippines and other regions of the world, but since 2003, resides in New York, first New Jersey, now Manhattan. He's one of those Whiz kids in IT who has developed security banking systems for some of the Major banks in the world. He's down to earth, conveniently chauvinistic, a 'fun to be around dad' and a person who seems to always have one foot ready to step into an adventure. Wife Anastasia, has worked around her 'working around' husband, and has an outlook on life that is a must when the world is your home. Spiros' roots are from his fathers' side in the village of Lahos, where he is restoring his paternal home year by year.