Kate fitzgerald is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

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Kate Fitzgerald

From my earliest recollections, my maternal grandmother would entertain and educate us with stories from her youth in Ithaca. She was the granddaughter of Papa Nicolaos Galatis from Anoghi,who used to preach from the church there. This was late 1800's. Around 1920, my grandmother and her husband Antonios Rosolemos,also from Anoghi left with their tiny baby boy to seek their fortune in South Africa. My Mother was born in SA and married Dimitrios Mavrikis from Athens,and this is where I fit in.Born and schooled in SA, I qualified as a pharmacist and practised for many years. I enjoy painting and reading, dancing and in general enjoying life to the full. What better place to do it other than Ithaca. My husband Patrick Fitzgerald "O Psilos" has absolutely fallen in love with Ithaca and is brave enough to be building down in Polis Bay. We are very excited about our new venture. I have three children, Anita who is married, Ryan who is getting married to Nadia Deftereos from Platrithia this coming Augustand Teresa who is "Ithaca Mad" and

is completing her studies at University this year. We have been coming back to Ithaca every year since 1999. Who knows, soon we might even start appearing on the "locals" page!! It is really a wonderful feeling to look up to the mountains in Frikes and to know that this is the exact view that my grandmother used to look up to a century ago!
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