Melanie Haralambos is an Ithacan from around the world. 2006

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Melanie Haralambos
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Melanie Haralambos was born in Port Shepstone on the south coast of South Africa, and has her connection to Ithaca via her mother, Athena Couvaras from Stavros. Her father Dimitris is a Cypriot. Melanie is a passionate Ithacan at heart, but also a passionate and determined traveler. She wants to, not only see the world, but experience it through life and work. In 2006 she worked at the Cantina at Polis Beach for Summer, before that she worked in London. Melanie would like to make her career in Events Management and to study photography in the UK during 2007. Before time gets too far ahead of her, Melanie also wants to work a Ski season in the south of France. It seems that Melanie Haralambos will be one of those traveling hearts who feels at home wherever she is, but knows that one place will always call to her, Ithaca.