Anle and Nicholas choose an Ithaki Wedding
Friday 8th September 2006
After the ceremony, the usual long and congested congratulatory line, as is traditional in an all Greek Wedding, was dispensed with as guests crowded around Anle and Nicholas and congratulated them in a less organized manner. The Flower Girls passed sweet almonds around to the guests and the parents of the bride and groom each welcomed a new member to their family.

While the Wedding was in progress, brothers Costa and Dimitris Koutsouvelis from Avra Restaurant in Kioni, along with staff, put the final touches on the wedding tables.

By the time the Wedding Party arrived, everything looked perfect

The Wedding Guests congregated around the bay side while the Wedding Party began with the traditional after-wedding photo shoot. Stavros Delaportas as the official photographer, selected by Anle from ithacagreece.com and Yiannis Arsenis, direct from an award winning video made in the UK, as cameraman and producer of the Wedding Video. Anle is no novice when it comes to being in front of a camera, when she was a teenager, she modeled professionally around the world, although now days she's a high flyer in the mans world of import.

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