Panighiri time on Ithaca with the Anoghi festival in the mountain village of Anogi, Ithaki. Greece 2006
Anoghi Panighiri 2006
  If the world was like an Ithaki Panighiri, I guess there wouldn't be much work done, but there sure wouldn't be any war either. On Ithaca, the barriers come down and differences are put aside when it comes to a good street party. Let not money, borders or pride get in the way of this Ithaki tradition, because god forbid, should the party be spoiled by the axes that grind outside the island coastline, we all may as well pack up and go home, because good cheer (kefi) is what it's all about at Panighiri time. Uncap another bottle of local wine, squeeze more lemon on the souvlaki and shine those dancing shoes. The Panighiri band is in the mood to travel through music and they take everyone along with them. Now, for the second last Panighiri of the Summer, the band finds its' feet and really burns up the stage with the traditional songs of the Summer Festivals. They're cheeky, they're cooking (well about as cooking as you can get for the Chicken dance) and they're fingers know all the licks. Don't be shy. Click those heels.    
Panighiri Fever  
  The next day there may be hangovers and regrets, but while the next day is still a few hours away, there is little worry about the reality of over indulgence. Many will get up to go to work with a heavy head and a fragile stomach, They'll be ordered about by their tired bosses and imposed upon my demanding patrons, but still there will only be one thought on their mind, and that's to do it all again for the next Panighiri tomorrow night at Platrithia.  
  No one misses out on the Panighiri. Panighiri people are very, very young and very, very old. They are locals and visitors of all ages.  
  And so the 2006 Anoghi Panighiri, The Feast of Panaghias, ends. This year it was even better than the last year, which was better than the year before that. Get a nap, take that hangover cure and tuck in your shirt because in a few short hours, Ithaca does it all over again.