Ariadne Vasilopoulos gets Baptized

11th June 2006

Ariadne wasn't going to take her Baptism laying down.  If there was going to be a struggle, then she would give the Priest and the Godmother, Lorraine Alimantiri, a run for their money. This almost 2 year old, has all the spunk and determination of both her parents, Nektarios and Poppy, with a little nous thrown in from the grandparents, Lazaros and Tasia Vasilopoulos and Andreas and Vagelio Pagoulatos. She's cute, she's clever and  a firecracker ready to shoot off and explode in the sky. While everyone is putting on make-up and doing their hair before it's time to head to the church, Ariadne works on a way to escape the closed gates of her home in Stavros.

Stelatata Church in the backwoods of Stavros was the setting for Ariadnes Baptism.  A quaint old fashioned church without water or electricity. It was byo everything.

The family arrives in Jeeps across the rocky country road outside of Stavros village to arrive at the picturesque Stelatata church.


Nearly Baptism

Oh Boy! Baptism  Lunch




Arrival  Nearly Baptism   Oh Boy! Baptism    Lunch   More

It was a warm and lovely atmosphere for Ariadnes' Christening.  The intimate group consisted only of family members, some of whom arrived from Athens and Patras.