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Could this really be the last Panighiri in Frikes???
Friday 30th June 2006
The Frikes Panighiri has, since its' rebirth a few years ago, been a fragile and precarious festival. Most years there's a threat of cancellation a few days before the event, other times apathy, rescheduling and "anyone know what's going on?" "NO" "Oh, ok" This year the word is - "This is the last one. The last time!" Frikes Politics and disappointments had a few working very hard for the event and others shirking the responsibility to make the night a half-baked, 'could have been great, I'm nearly having fun, but not quite' night, that fizzled early and left the only sizzling to the Grill.
The band takes the stand and soundchecks in the early evening. The stage was set up in front of Kikis Mini Market, so the focus of the entire night was centralized around this makeshift wooden stage, leaving the restaurants on the edges of the action.
Spitroast port, souvlaki, chips and salad were the main fare at the tables.
The happy faces of the people who live on the brighter side of life, gave the night a needed 'good will' injection.

The night had glimpses of a good time, and thanks to Damouri Jnrs' 'left of center' brain, moving to the beat of a very, very, but I mean very, very different drum, the night had some very hilarious moments.

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