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Could this really be the last Panighiri in Frikes???
Friday 30th June 2006
The band was good, and considering they played for over 5 hours without a break, they did very well not to pass out from exhaustion, but they're timing (not rhythmic) was a little off. Just when they had the crowds enthused and dancing, they changed the pace to empty the dance circle again.

"It was that big" ."If you say so"

Spiro Yianni from Stavros, takes home the big prize at the end of the night. A TV set. The Prizes were raffled and make money for the Frikes Community. This is one of the main reasons to support the Panighiris throughout the Summer. They help the local communities. So, I guess we'll see what next year brings.

To be in Frikes or not to be in Frikes. That is the question.