Dance and Drink the night away in Perachori on Ithaca Island. Greece 2006
Saturday 29th July 2006
The band played into the early hours of the morning, and the more the home-made wine kicked in, the looser the faces of the people at the Festival. My first experience of the Perahori Wine Festival was in 2005, where I noticed that this village had some o the best dancers I'd seen on the island. No wonder, living in Perahori must give the residents leg muscles of steel. There are no straight roads here. Going up?
The Wine Festival feels very different to the Festivals in the north, no souvlaki grilling on the side, no restaurants, just a community stand with drinks and some precooked fare. For a northerner, walking into the village square, can be like traveling to another island where they don't know anyone, but that's what the wine is for. Drink and fit right in. There are no borders after a few glasses of the local nectar.
The Perahori Wine Festival is not only an opportunity to dance and drink, but a great way to give something back to the community in way of paying the entrance fee and buying a raffle ticket for the Community kitty. If you weren't here this year, why not come next year, it's worth a trip up the mountain.