Wine Festival in Perahori on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki. Greece 2006
Saturday 29th July 2006
The Perahori community opens up the wine barrels and throws a party, the entire island is invited to. 5 euro gets you in, for which you can drink the Village wine until the barrels run dry.
This mountain village in the south of the island, went all out in publicity this year, putting up posters of the Festival from Kioni to Vathy. For those that trekked the high road up, their reward was the local wine, about 90% proof and a big dancing circle. The Perahori Festival band is a 3 piece with a drum machine, yet they had no trouble getting the villagers on their feet. Traditional music with high tech radio mics, so that the Clarinet player could join the dancers in the circle. A very, very good band who gave the night a big boost.
Although it can be a little intimidating walking into the Square with every face you look at, the face of a stranger, but there is no need to fear at any of the Festivals around Ithaca, the locals are always friendly and welcome in visitors to the island, as they do their own community. It's a time for celebration, and everyone can join in.