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Platrithia Panighiri - Panaghias
Tuesday 15th August 2006
For many at the Platrithia Panighiri, it's the last chance to party before they head back to their ordinary lives, be it in Australia, Uk, America, South Africa, EU countries or around the various regions of Greece. Holiday time comes to an end for many shortly after this Festival, so this party is a last opportunity to really let it all hang out before it's back to work far away from Ithaki. Locals, who know the isolation and lack of a good party opportunitie during winter on Ithaca, also give it a good 'heave ho' before the sun sets again at 6pm.
Some of t he Faces
A friend made on Ithaki, is a friend made for life. That's how it goes here. Serious bonding happens when you holiday on Ithaca and make friends. It's that 'something special' that happens on the island.