Alkestis Protopsalti performs on the greek island of Ithaca in Greece for Summer on Ithaca by Fimios.
Alkestis Protopsalti
Live at the Garden Theatre in Vathy - Friday 4th August 2006
Presentation of Fimios Ithakis

The buzz on the Alkestis Protopsalti Concert started long before the scaffolding went up at the Garden Theatre yesterday afternoon. Ithacans were anxious to see this performer 'live'. A three hour power out had organizers just a little nervous, but once the electricity was back on, so was the enthusiasm for the concert. Getting close enough to get some decent pics was a scramble, more so than usual. There was pushing, shoving and angered stares and insults for anyone with the audacity to block someones view, so I stuck my lens into the holes of the scaffolding, under the smoke machine and through the curtains of back stage when the kicking and bruising got too much.

This was more than a gig for Ithaki. It was a full blown Main Event. Congratulations to Fimios Ithakis for this mammoth effort in organization and the consequent success of the concert with Alkestis Protopsalti.


The band members warm up back stage. Friendly musicians with their modesty in tact.

People of all ages attended the show, from babies to grandmothers. All seemed to enjoy the night. Every song that echoed from the PA system was a song the entire audience knew. Hit after hit. It made you realize just how much airplay this performer has had over the years.

The set started with some much loved ballads before the electric guitar fuzzed up and the band began to rock. They successfully worked the audience into a frenzy. Before too long they were singing along and dancing on each others' shoulders.

I've been to every performance over the past 4 years, and this one really took the prize for the best attended concert that Fimios Ithakis has organized. Fimios organizer, Alexandros Taflambas and his crew looked just about as happy as can be with the success of the night.

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