2006 on the Greek Island of Ithaki Greece. all the Summer Specials for the Season in the Ionian Islands.

Ithaca Summer Specials 2006

Summer concerts are not only looked forward to by the locals, but also by the visitors to Ithaca Greece. Fimios of Ithaki, always has a great variety of entertainment it brings to the island. As well as concerts, there are of course all the Summer Festivals around the villages. A traditional and fun time for all the family.

Dimitris Danis Birthday Party

Ariadne Vasilopoulos gets Baptized at Stelatata Church

Ithaki Choir Performance - Songs of the Sea

Frikes Panighiri

5th Annual Poster Competition

A Look around Kioni

Exoghi Panighiri - Feast of Ag. Marina

Kioni Panighiri - Feast of Ag. Illias

Jazz at Karamela Cafe in Vathy

Perahori Wine Festival

Alkestis Protopsalti in Concert

Stavros Panighiri - Sotiros

Anoghi Panighiri - Panaghias

Platrithia Panighri - Panaghias

Nadia Deftereos and Ryan Fitzgerald Get Married

A Day on Ithaki in September 2006

69 Street Party at Chez Manu

Kathara Panighiri

Anle Morais and Nicholas Hafner Choose an Ithaki Wedding

Around Vathy in September

Another Day in September 2006


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