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Harri and Dawn Deftereos, parents of the bride, and Patrick and Kate Fitzgerald, parents of the groom, invite you to Nadias' and Ryans' Wedding.
Sunday 20th August 2006 at Platrithia
On any Wedding Day, the fear is always that it may rain, but no one anticipated the 42 C temperature that would stick like glue on this special afternoon for Nadia and Ryan. The Church bells tolled 6pm, and while the intimate gathering waited under the shade of a tree for the ceremony to begin, Ryan anxiously awaited his 'soon to be' bride by pacing the carpet under the dome until the bridal car drove up the country road that lead to the Chapel steps. Ryan was ready to take his first step towards a life together in marriage with his love, Nadia.
The Guests gather around the Church grounds
Invited guests came from South Africa, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Vathy, Kioni Stavros and Frikes. The parents of the bride and groom were noticeably happy and excited about the wedding, and made the intimate gathering of guests very comfortable. The atmosphere was casual and the Wedding had an 'at home' feel about it that made it an enjoyable and relaxed event.