Festivals in Greece. Stavros Panighiri 2006 for Sotiris. Religious feast of Ithaca.
  The Feast of Sotiris
  Stavros Panighiri

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of August 2006


The Sotiris church in Stavros takes center stage for the Stavros Panighiri. It's a meeting point, a point of focus and view, the stage for a community that loves its' village and embraces its' visitors. Everyone is made to feel welcome.
Thousands of beer cans and carafes of local wine
Hundreds of tables and chairs
On the edges of the village, local shops set up Panighiri bars and feed the late comers with pizza and souvlaki. There's a popcorn stand, gypsy jewelers, and this year, even an underwear stall.
Panighiri means fun for all the family
The Pearl Auction is led by Mr. Simiris..."Do I hear 500 euro?"
Stavros Panighiri 2006
When you run out of gas, take a seat on the sideline
No matter how tired, no one wants to miss Sotiros
The first night of the Panighiri was too good to leave early. It was still packed at 3am and it didn't look like it was going to thin out any time soon. The Festival had Kefi, everyone seemed in the mood for a party and as usual, the Stavros Panighiri was well organized to facilitate the festive journey of the Ithacan community through the Sotiris Panighiri.