Festivals in Greece. Stavros Panighiri 2006 for Sotiris. Religious feast of Ithaca.
  The Feast of Sotiris
  Stavros Panighiri

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of August 2006


The second night of the Stavros Panighiri was quite a bit more subdued than the first, but everyone that was there did have a great time in a more intimate way. Parking was easy, getting a table was easy, but the squeeze on the dance floor was exactly the same. It was really pumping all night and into the early hours.
The moves
The views
Greeks are passionate about their music so when the first note rings through the PA, they are on their knees with Kefi (Good Cheer)
Stavros Panighiri 2006
A cooler night had the locals letting down their hair
Meeting up with old friends
People watching is the best part
Hanging out at the Bar
The Panighiri band echoed out of Stavros and into the valley below. People were noticeably more tired this night, but what else can be expected after such a big weekend.