Festivals in Greece. Stavros Panighiri 2006 for Sotiris. Religious feast of Ithaca.
  The Feast of Sotiris
  Stavros Panighiri

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of August 2006


This festival is always a great success. It's the biggest festival on the northern island of Ithaki, with 2 days of celebration. The Stavros Town Square is crammed full of locals and visitors and looks noticeably festive, lit up for a night of great fun and community enjoyment with the usual fare of food, wine and dancing until the lights fade into the dawn.
Eating, drinking and dancing for all
They come from Germany, from Australia, from Indonesia from the USA
A time to meet old friends and make new ones
Stavros Town Square was alive with movement
The church steps are a favourite Look-Out
Stavros, the north Ithacan center, was brimming with people, locals and visitors alike, to take part in the street party of the year. It's the first night of this 2 day festival, and usually the most attended of the two nights. The food and wine you buy, the raffle tickets that are sold and an auction for a Pearl Necklace donated by the Levendis family, all go towards raising some money for the municipality of Stavros. The large dance circle was filled from beginning to end. People went wild and just couldn't get enough. The Panighiri band, must always be congratulated for its' stamina to entertain the crowd, who had an quenchable thirst for dancing, and the organizers must also be congratulated for making the village look so pretty in lights.