. Frikes Panighiri Saturday 3rd July 2010 - Ithaca Summer Festival  
Every year the Frikes community debates whether or whether not to go forward with their Panighiri. Right up until the last moment everyone says 'no' until the day comes and then miraculously the village turns on the amplifiers and the music begins. This year, there was never a doubt the Panighiri would happen and it ended up being the most attended and THE BEST FRIKES PANIGHIRI yet. The village took a decisive step forward by making the festival on Saturday so that the southerns may also have an opportunity to join in the celebrations. The restaurants did away with their usual menus and supplied the anticipated Panighiri menu which was Greek salad, pig on the spit, chicken or souvlaki. Tables filled quickly and those early enough got front row seating to catch the action on the dance floor (not just a dance floor actually, a dance street)
Locals from all over the island joined with visitors from all over the world and ex-pats from Australia, South Africa and the USA, to make the Frikes Panighiri the best so far. Enough KEFI (good cheer) to fill the street and everyone's heart. Lots of fun, food and drink to keep the party going all night. Early birds arrived around 9pm and the night finished with the dawn. I left at 4.50am and there was still alot of dancing and partying going on. The band this year was 9HXO from Patras. They did a great job!!



although the restaurants on the edge of the Panighiri struggled a bit, those infront of the bandstand, were packed full.
Frikes Panighiri 2010
Once all the souvlaki had been grilled and served and the eating part of the Frikes Panighiri was over, it wasn't long before everyone started to hit the dance floor, cheered on by local wine, beer and spirits of the alcoholic kind. For more pics go to page 2 here or below
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