. From Ithaca to Voulgareli the long way around 17th - 20th September 2010  
A quick stop at the old bridge in Arta and through the half road blocks of striking truckers, and it was off toward the Agrafa as far as Voulgareli. Autumn colours in the trees and quiet mountain roads winding up, through and down some of the most spectacular ranges you'll see in Greece.
Deep gorges, steep cliffs and mountains, misty horizons, autumn leaves, lakes and rivers, roadside cafes and a peace of mind you just can't buy.
Voulgareli was a sleepy haven which I can imagine livens up in the winter during the snow season, but on this day, there was only one cafe open and no one around, not even a dog. The Council Building clock rung out the wrong time as does Ithakis - must be a requisite. Haven't seen many Town clocks which tell the right time anywhere in Greece. We didn't get to go deep into the Agrafa, but far enough toward it to reap the benefits of the lush and varied mountain landscapes and gorges. There is so much to see around Greece. Greece is not just about the islands, it's a mythological wonderland that really ignites the imagination.

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