. From Ithaca to Voulgareli the long way around 17th - 20th September 2010  
It's amazing how far you can travel around Greeces' baysides, countrysides and mountain regions in 3 days. What is also amazing is just how varied the landscapes around Greece actually are. A surprise around every corner. The hardest part of any trip is getting off Ithaca. Although we have many easy and regular means of doing so, there is no such thing as making a spur of the moment decision because once that decision is made there is always plenty of time to think about it while you wait for the various ferries to arrive. This time almost everything fell into place and so here we go on a little trip in September, just when the Autumn colours are beginning to colour the country in a vibrant array of golds and blues. We took the ferry from Frikes and headed toward Lefkada. Lefkada joins onto the mainland so it's a quicker and easy escape from island life than the ferry to Patras.


The day was mild with very little wind, a misty blue sky that cleared to a crisp blue sky and deep blue and aqua waters wherever you looked. Excellent.
On the way from Lefkada to Ithaca, the ferry makes a stop at Fiscardo in Kefalonia, so it's a slightly longer trip on the return than on the departure. From Frikes to Vasiliki in Lefkada, the ferry takes around an hour or so. Quite pleasant if the seas are calm. From Frikes you go around the Marmakas area of Ithaki. Marmaka is a very popular yachting and camping spot with a Summer Cantina for refreshments.
Fiscardo is picturesque with colourful bayside shops and buildings and a reputation that has almost out-priced this quaint village from the itinerary of most budget-conscious travelers. Just as one cannot live on bread alone, nor can a village live on the notoriety of Tom Hanks alone.
I've included our return pics of Fiscardo here because on departure from Ithaca, the Captain Aristidis ferry went directly to Vasiliki, Lefkada. The morning was looking a little threatening, but nothing ever eventuated. Blue skies again by lunchtime.
Captain Aristidis a 'water bucket' in the Ionian.
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