. From Ithaca to Voulgareli the long way around 17th - 20th September 2010  
The ferry docked at Vasiliki bay in the south of Lefkada. Vasiliki is a picturesque little port with bayside restaurants and shops and a seemingly friendly local community. Lefkas is the main town of the island and there are 2 ways to get to it. You can either drive toward the Porto Katsiki direction or through the more direct, Nidri direction. Porto Katsiki (famous Lefkada beach) direction is definitely the more scenic and peaceful, but if you want bar and body action, then head to Nidri. All the bass and ugly consequences of tourism reside there in a beautiful natural backdrop that has in most areas been covered up with large signs advertising food, fun and sundry in English and German.
Lefkada is an easy place for northern Greeks to visit over the weekend. Its mainland road access and airport in Aktio and Preveza or even the Tunnel that links Preveza with Aktio means a holiday that can fit into a weekend. Aktio is about 22 km from Lefkada. Just a hop and a jump. In Lefkada you can find an array of accommodation with reasonable prices.
Lefkada has many quaint and traditional villages if you head into the mountains and along the roads toward Porto Katsiki and beyond. Lefkada is also very well known for its locally produced honey, sold by those making it, and which can be purchased on the roadsides. There are various bus routes if you don't have a car or a moped.
There is no doubt that Porto Katsiki Beach is stunning. Those who discovered this idyllic bay before the Parking areas and Fast food shops, would have truly believed that they had discovered Paradise. The last time I had passed this bay it had been closed off after an earthquake which had its center point near Lefkada. You can see that Porto Katsiki would not be the safest place to swim if there were earthquakes. The sheer cliff side with rocks protruding from the face of the cliff could be just a tad on the unsafe side during a quake.
Lefkas town has a new and an old section. The old section has traditional architecture and houses, many still with the galvanized steel walls. Narrow lanes wind through the old town making it an interesting way to spend a couple of hours before settling at the Square
Lefkas Marina is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Ionian. The Marina offers mooring and dry dock facilities, and while the yachters are well looked after, people looking for decent accommodation, may be left wanting. It seems that because Lefkas is full most of the time, that no one really needs to spend time putting some real quality into their accommodations. Of course there are always exceptions, but after seeking one of these exceptions for a few hours, ended up heading out of Lefkas town to stay elsewhere.

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