. From Ithaca to Voulgareli the long way around 17th - 20th September 2010  

Now we head along the long Amvrakikos Gulf road toward our next destination of Preveza. Over the years we have seen many parts of island and mainland Greece, but Preveza was never on the itinerary. Even Greeks make little of this location as a holiday spot and it's no wonder, nothing really stands out about this northern city other than the Nikopoulos Castle and the many waterways that spider through the wetlands along the city's edges. Still, the road to Preveza has some great views and bays, making it completely worthwhile.

Not long after Vonitsa, golden Autumn views and patchwork landscapes, we arrive in Amfilohia, a major bayside town at which traffic from south/western Greece joins the route north to Arta and beyond.
By the time we get to Preveza, the sun had almost set and we had just enough time to find a hotel, have something to eat and then fall deep into sleep after a long days drive.
Walking through Nikopoulos Castle Walls turned out to be very interesting. The modern world has divided the boundaries with roads, but it's still very easy to see just how massive this compound was in its day.
As we wanted to head a little into what the locals call 'The Agrafa' ('The Unwritten') - named such because the region was once so remote, not even the tax department could get in to write down who the tax payers were and weren't, we headed out of Preveza early. On the road to Arta, there were many roadside stalls with fresh vegetables, especially pumpkins and squash.

Next stop Arta, just north of the Amvrakikos Gulf.

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