. From Ithaca to Voulgareli the long way around 17th - 20th September 2010  

Vonitisa is a bayside village on the southern coast of the Amvrakikos Gulf. This village also had a Castle set over the rocks of the bay to look down onto the village. After the bay road halts, a wooded road begins which takes you through some medieval looking forest with old churches and castle remnants. Vonitsa has a nice atmosphere, but as we had a long way to go, we only stayed a little while for a speed viewing.

It's a shame that nothing escapes the 'graffiti artist without a purpose in life'. Remnants of history marked with disrespect.
In Vonitsa there was little tourism to be seen. Another village experiencing a crisis 'short' season this summer. I can imagine this town to be a worthwhile place to stay if there were some decent hotels open all year around instead of holiday let apartments.

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