. Ekaterini Vasilopoulou Gets Baptised - Saturday 29th May 2010

Today Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes put up the closed sign for a few hours while Poppy and Nektarios went off to their daughters baptism. Ekaterini was dressed up cute as a button with little idea what awaited her. The usual dunking however, didn't seem to worry her too much. The Vasilopoulos and Pagoulatos families invited a small group of family and friends to help them celebrate this special day which ended up with a feast at Rementzo.

Baptisms in Greece are a very special occasion and usually occur around 1 year after the birth. Children are officially without a name until the Baptism, although nowdays, this is not so strictly adhered to. Thank you to the Vasilopoulos and Pagoulatos families for inviting me to take photos of this special occasion so it can be shared online.

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