. Cleaning Up Ithacas Beaches (Mesogeios S.O.S) Saturday 8th May
In the past, communities themselves have been responsible for cleaning the beaches around their areas. This year Poppy from Likoudis Villas along with Mesogeios S.O.S have also gathered volunteers to go over the beaches with a fine tooth comb to get rid of not only the rubbish stormy weather may have blown onto Ithakis shores through the winter, but also the bits and (sometimes toxic) pieces left by fisherman, locals and visitors. For a clean start to the season, our beaches are all in need of a good clean up and now that the stormy weather has passed us by, the time is right to make a start.
There may still need to be some more education to get Greece up to speed with being environmentally friendly, as burning plastics and old oil bottles, isn't the best for our degenerating atmosphere.
As the Summer Season quickly approaches us, it could be a good time for us all to contemplate the effect increasing tourism will have on our fragile environment. A good start for all of us is to firstly take our rubbish with us and dispose of it correctly. Secondly, the Ithaca Council could put more bins around the beaches and other areas of the island where rubbish is likely to be inproperly disposed of and put up 'No Littering' signs or start fining littering offenders. If we don't pay attention to where we live, no one else will either. Let's keep Ithaki beautiful.

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