Papoulaki - Ithakis very own Saint Aghios Barbaras and Sortiros Churches in Stavros Ithaca
Ithaca's Papoulaki was officially recognized as a Saint around 8 - 9 years ago. Papoulaki lived during the time of Turkish Occupation. He played his part in saving Greeks from the Turks by bringing them across to the Ionian and Ithaca, he also provided food for those on the mainland during great times of poverty and need. This year the Parade honouring Papoulaki was held 1 week earlier than usual, but as usual, was well attended by Ithacans from north to south. Ithaki's population hold Papoulaki's memory in the high esteem as their very own Saint. Papoulaki's home was in Kalivia, just outside Stavros, but his annual church service is held at Ag. Barbaras and Sortiros church in Stavros.
The days' weather may have kept some away. It rained earlier in the day and the blew quite fiercely on and off all day. Heavy skies threatened rain throughout the Service, but thankfully, any bad weather on the horizon held off until the ceremonies had concluded.
Clergy came from Lefkada and from around Ithaca to celebrate Papoulaki.
Even after the Liturgy had begun, locals, Councillors and priests from around Ithaki continued to arrive. When the sky cleared to reveal some blue sky, Ag. Barbaras lit up under the sun's rays.
. . .

Papoulaki is celebrated annually in Stavros.


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