. Sortiros Stavros Panighiri Thursday 5th August 2010  
This year it seemed that Sortiros started early and in regard to the masses, began to thin out early. With 2 nights of this Festival, it's best to save your energy. Sortiros always marks the beginning of the High Season, with many Greeks coming to the island around this time for their summer holidays. As usual, there was lots of food, drink and dance to be had.
The lights covered the Stavros Village Square from Sortiros church across to the park and lit up a colourful array of drinking and dancing fun. The village was absolutely heaving with life. The church steps, as always, was one of the best places to see everything.

When it comes time for the Panighiri in Stavros, all the usual regular visitors and many, many more first time visitors dress themselves up, put on their best and bring their KEFI to enjoy a great night which helps the Community of Stavros. This year each raffle ticket had a prize, some small, some large, but no one missed out on getting something in a carry bag.

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