. Ag. Marina - Exoghi Panighiri Saturday 17th July 2010
Aghia Marina Festival
Exoghi Panighiri 2010
There seemed to be a special excitement about the 2010 Exoghi Panighiri. For the week leading up to it, the village prepared, and as usual, the preparation made for a successful night. The night was warm and although dancing could get a little sweaty, everyone preferred warmth to cold and wind, so we were thankful.
A record number of people went up to Exoghi for the Panighiri and with that was a record number of cars to find parking spaces for. The Police could have been a little better organized with its rep turning cars back at one of the narrowest points along the road. Couldn't go forward, couldn't go back. It would have been more helpful had a rep been in an area along the road where people had room to turn their cars or at least room to pass the parked cars along the roadside. Anyway, once at the apex of the village, the Summer festival soon erased any frustrations for an enjoyable evening...and then the PA started to cough and splutter.
Dancing became a very sweaty affair, but luckily the bar was well stocked to refresh the revelers during their height of 'dance circle' frenzy. As you can see by the pics, there was lots of KEFI (Good Cheer) and the Kefi lasted well into the early hours of the morning despite the music only reverberating from one PA speaker. The band soldiered on and thus, so did the crowd. It's fair to say that the Exoghi Panighiri didn't disappoint. Another successful affair.
Aghia Marina Panighiri in Exoghi Ithaca Greece  

The sultry night led to frenzied dancing, drinking and eating. The more people danced, the more they drank, the more the village of Exoghi collected funds to help the community, which is what the Summer Festivals aim to achieve. It's worth noting, that although the bar positions are usually paid positions, Jerome, one of the Exoghi barmen, among others, serviced the thirsty Exoghi participants out of good will. It's nice to know that not everything is about the E. Next stop the Kioni Panighiri on the 20th July.


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