.Ag. Sarantas Church Frescos
Tuesday 2nd August 2011.
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I believe the Ag. Sarantas community hoped for a good turn out, but was very surprised at just how many people came along for this presentation. It felt like a Panighiri. There was so much Kefi (Good Cheer) and so much food, those who attended could happily have spent the night enjoying it all. It was a very traditional experience, so if you missed it this time, keep your eyes out for more things happening on Ithaca during the summer period. After the Liturgy, Bruno Mazzali was thanked by all for the excellent work he had done on the frescos. It was a very, very proud community who had invited all of Ithaca and beyond to see their little church Ag. Sarantas (40 Saints).
The Ag. Sarantas church and its community were very proud to present the 'New Look' Frescos painted by Italian local, Bruno Mazzali over the winter. The presentation to Ithaca was made via a church service given by Pappas Babbis from Kioni, followed by a party for all. People came from around the island to see the good work. This presentation was a great success. The village was brimming with people. An excellent turn out.
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