. Ag Nikolas Festival at Mavrona ithaca Greece
Tuesday 10th May 2011 .
Storms raged during the night so the Kioni community constructed a tent just incase the rain continued for the Festival at Mavrona today. The church got a new coat of paint in the morning and the service took place without a hitch. It ended up being a fantastic morning, a little chillier than expected, but lots of sunshine and blue skies to enjoy the Ag. Nikolas Festival for 2011. 6 Lambs on the spit roast, chicken, pork and sausages, a few kegs of beer on tap and the festival was off. A great morning. Very traditional and a warm community to welcome locals and visitors alike.
I don't think anyone would have imagined that the day would turn out to be so glorious after wild winds and rain battered the island overnight. We seem to have the gods keeping watch over us in times of religious festivals. Ag. Nikolas Festival is an annual event held at the Ag. Nikolas church on Mavrona beach. Mavrona has a Venetian history. It was once a small trading port. Watch out for video of this event coming soon. You can see all videos made by ithacagreece.com in The Ithaki Movie Room

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