Exoghi Fundraiser Festa
Friday 12th August 2011
Hundreds of souvlaki were charcoal grilled, there was local wine and the villagers also chipped in with some home-made dishes for that extra little spice. One of the elders of the village, Mr. Vasilis, was honoured and the Priest thanked the community for its dedication to keeping the churches standing and looking like they should. The Exoghi community is a close-knit group of special individuals who know how to throw a great party and contribute to the village at the same time. A really good night.
For the last 5 years, the mountain village of Exoghi has held a fundraiser for community works, such as the churches of the village. Each year the community puts on music, food and wine and hope that those who attend the festa leave a nice donation. It was a really lovely atmosphere, as it always is in Exoghi, and the night was mild, although a little damp.

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