Marathon - In The Footsteps of Odysseas
Sunday 31st July 2011
The Marathon began around 7pm. The sun was already low in the sky, reflecting heavily off the water. It's a shame more people didn't partake in the marathon, but it is summer and not everyone is in the physical condition it takes to run all those Kilometers. Surprisingly it didn't take very long for the first runner to cross over the finish line and by 8.30pm even the walkers had reached Maribu, where they were quickly given a bottle of water after a warm applause. This annual marathon is a time for all the family. Adults and children alike, jogged across the finish line together. It was a really nice atmosphere.
In The Footsteps of Odysseas - Marathon 2011
In The Footsteps of Odysseas - Marathon
Over the past few years, Ithaki has put on 'In the Footsteps of Odysseas' Marathon Run & Walk from Aetos Bay to Vathy town. This year there wasn't quite so much hooha about the event, but still locals and some visitors turned up to take part in this very physical jaunt. Some jogged, others walked, some jogged and walked alternately. All finished to the applause of 'on-lookers' and supporters in front of Maribu Bar on the far side of Vathy Bay.
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