. A Walk past Homers School along Afales bay - Thursday 12th May 2011  
The weather has been just perfect and when I get a chance to walk down a path I haven't walked down before, I can't help but make the time. The Homers School path is a well known walk for many who live or visit the island. This time, due to a good friend, I was taken beyond the beaten track to discover views I have not seen before. After coming to Ithaca for 30 years and living here full time for 10, it was a nice surprise.
There is more archeaoligical excavations going on at Homers School, uncovering more stones from old walls. Bits of pottery stick out of the dirt.


Homers School road narrows just a little, and as we reach the boundaries of the last signs of architecture, the lush roadsides spread beside us with thousands of wild flowers and shady trees before we head toward the cliff side with Afales bay on our right, a rocky track leads us through an untouched area of Ithaca. The skies are clear and the water is translucent.

...... ....

Ithaca - Beautiful one day, amazing the next. Picture postcard perfect. Don't you just love this place?

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