Ag. Lia Panighiri - Kioni Festival
Wednesday 20th July 2011
Ag. Lia Panighiri was a great success this year. When people are in the mood to have fun then you just can't go wrong. It wouldn't be a Kioni visit if I didn't have at least one finger pointed at my face, but on the whole, I left with a good feeling.
Ag. Lia Festival was the biggest Kioni Panighiri that I have seen ever I believe. Each restaurant and bar had all the seats taken up. It was an ocean of activity in Kioni. The KEFI was great, lots of dancing, many happy, happy faces and a great energy that was infective. The Kioni Community did a fantastic job this year and the Ithaki community supported them with great fervor. The bay was absolutely full with yachts and the village was equally filled with Greeks and visitors. I don't know why the Panighiri felt so different this year, but it really did. It had a really traditional edge and a focus on the festival rather than on the businesses. It was a really enjoyable night and I don't think I'll be the only one spouting its greatness.
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