Perahori Wine Festival
Saturday 30th July 2011
Perahori Wine Festival 2011
It was a slightly coolish night with a little more wind than was comfortable, but the annual Perahori Wine Festival was a success despite the weather. Perahori is known on Ithaca for it's Eco-conscious and Eco-friendly community and tourism. Their local organic produce and wine has put this little mountain village on the Ionian map. The Panighiri Band was in fine form again and had everyone dancing their soles off. All the favourite songs and melodies to get the crowd hopping onto the dancefloor. The control center (where the food was ordered and delivered) was run off it's feet with orders still coming in after midnight. The Perahori community put out its barrells of local wine and the attendees drank it up. Another great Wine Festival.
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