Stavros Panighiri Sortiros
Friday 5th & 6th August 2011
Stavros Panighiri
Night 1 of Sortiros was packed with people from early in the night. Lots of food, lots to drink, lots of good cheer and dancing. The Stavros Community put on a great night as usual. Most of the visitors to the island make an appearance at this Panighiri, but so do locals from all the villages around Ithaca. The church steps are the 'people watching' hub and the bar is the girl watching hub. Tables are booked well in advance by those with big families or group of friends who wish to eat so it's always a good idea to book early, but if you turn up late, there's always a seat or two or three available. This Panighiri goes into dawn very quickly and smoothly and just when your hangover is over, you have to dust yourself off for night 2. I have to mention that the Panighiri Band was in great form again last night. The stamina it takes to play hours and hours on end without a break is commendable. They play until no one wants to dance anymore.

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